The Building Operator will be responsible for providing physical maintenance support to the Property Management team at
one of our client facilities within the Kitchener/Waterloo region.
The Building Operator will fulfill day to day tasks in a timely manner ensuring that their assigned client facility operates
safely and efficiently.

• Ensure a safe working environment and adherence to all relevant health, safety and environmental policies and
procedures by all interested parties.
• Ensure all work areas are maintained in a clean and safe working condition.
• Regularly communicate health, safety and environmental issues or concerns to the Property Manager.
• Ensure standard operating procedures, planned maintenance activities and any other relevant guidelines are
maintained, stored correctly and strictly adhered to with suggestions offered to amend/update as appropriate.
• Ensure the correct and legible completion at all times of any required documentation including timesheets or
software based systems.
• Respond to demand and emergency issues promptly, utilizing the computerized building automation system or
manual systems where appropriate.
• Perform shift tours, record and log the relevant information and report any concerns to the appropriate personnel,
fully investigating any issues that arise as required.
• Perform routine inspections and tests on building fire and life safety equipment. Provide the necessary support to
allow scheduled maintenance and repairs to be carried out on such equipment.
• Perform routine inspection, maintenance and repairs to all assets and any other related equipment.
• Complete water treatment duties on heating and cooling loops as required.
• Re-lamping of lighting fixtures and resetting breakers within the appropriate guidelines.
• Perform minor plumbing and general building maintenance and repair duties (i.e. drywall repairs, painting,
replace washers, faucets, sinks, clear toilets and drains, sumps pits and replace faulty lighting lamps and fixtures
within the appropriate guidelines).
• Assist with the startup and shut down major building equipment such as chillers, pumps, cooling towers, etc.

• Maintains a professional demeanor at all times with fellow employees, vendors, sub-contractors and clients.
• Ability to cope under pressure and maintain focus, dealing effectively with setbacks while remaining positive.
• Portrays a positive image and motivates colleagues at all times to ensure continued success.
• Embraces change and always willing to adopt new practices.
• Holds self and others accountable.
• Ability to approach problems logically, under pressure and seek innovative solutions.
• Communicates effectively (verbally and written) at all levels within an organization and with external parties
including enforcing authorities.
• Understands the needs and perspectives of both internal and external customers.
• Promotes teamwork and collaboration.
• Values and respects others, encourages and supports diversity.
• Ability to work independently with limited supervision.