The Manager of Asset Management Services (“MAMS”) shall be responsible for providing superior leadership and management for maintenance activities in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted by the Company. The MAMS has four functional areas of responsibility including: planning, business development and operations.


The MAMS, shall participate in the development of the annual strategic plan for consistent and controlled growth of the Company . The MAMS, in conjunction with the Division Manager, shall be responsible for the timely preparation of operating budgets, capital requirements, and business development necessary to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan.

Business Development:

The MAMS shall work with the Corporate Office to develop and implement a sales and marketing plan which details the tactical actions necessary to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the strategic plan. The components of the plan shall include annual operating budgets, capital requirements, and business development activities. The MAMS shall be charged with growing sales of the Company’s street lighting services and other asset management opportunities within the Salt Lake City region.


The primary responsibility of the MAMS is to oversee the street lighting services in accordance with the policies, procedures and contractual requirements of the Company. The MAMS shall foster an environment of cooperation and support to enable employees to perform to their maximum potential. Operational tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • monitoring day-to-day maintenance activities of the project to ensure timely and accurate completion of work and reports with a focus on adherence to established systems and procedures;
  • ensure that safety policies are properly established, communicated, and implemented on the project;
  • provide levels of service quality on the project such that CLS is regarded as substantially beyond all competition based on both internal and external measures;
  • develop and maintain a professional relationship with Customer’s staff at all levels;
  • coordinate the transfer of data between construction staff and maintenance staff;
  • continuously identify and assess risk in maintenance activities so as to minimize the exposure of the Company;
  • ensure compliance with all environmental regulations;
  • liaison with Design/Engineering and Construction Managers to ensure individual departmental strategies and objectives are consistent with overall project goals;
  • update operations and maintenance manuals as needed;
  • develop new market opportunities in conjunction with upper management;
  • assist in sales presentations to achieve goals in strategic plan;
  • develop a team of qualified personnel to achieve the strategic objectives of the Company; and
  • accessible to people at all levels and to assist them by lending experience to their decision making.

The MAMS may be required to fulfill the duties of the Division Manager or other Project Managers in his or her absence. This role shall be clearly delegated at the appropriate time, and the Manager shall be held responsible for understanding the breadth and limitations of this authority in order to be prepared to exercise it.


The MAMS shall participate in continuing education to sharpen managerial skills and stay abreast of industry issues.